Club Clothing

An extensive selection of club clothing is available.

Since it is not practical for the club to carry the full range, many items have to be pre-ordered.  Orders are placed whenever there is sufficient demand and to allow for maximum discounts for bulk purchase. We will post info on the web site when we are looking to place an order so you can let us know which items you require.

However, we endeavour to carry a limited stock of the most popular items in the main sizes, such as short-sleeve road jerseys, gilets, overshoes and head/neck tubes.

SS Jersey Front SS Jersey Back

Gilet Front  Gilet Back

new shorts

Front  Back

 Our current supplier is Endura and their catalogue and size chart can be viewed

Most of their range can be reproduced in our colours, though in many cases there is a minimum-numbers condition. It should be noted that the prices shown in the catalogue are exclusive of VAT but also exclusive of any discounts.

For further information on our ordering procedures and stock availability etc, please contact Iain Anderson on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.