Club Runs December 1 & 2

Saturday, all meet at the Millennium Hall 9:15am for Alyth - Peel Farm. We are again running our Beginners, Recovery, Alternative Winter Runs (Braw Runs). Meet at Millennium Hall at 9:15am for a 30 (ish) mile run at a very social pace (14mph ish), bring money for a cafe stop.  All welcome.

Sunday, meet at Camperdown Gates at 9:30am for Impromptu.

*** As it is now officially winter time, when on the club runs, bikes should have mudguards fitted ***

PLEASE NOTE more information on how we operate the Club Runs and what you can expect and should know is here and information on riding in a bunch is here

All newcomers are welcome. If you can cycle 40+ miles in 2.5 hours (i.e. 15-16 mph) then you will manage fine on the steady runs, otherwise we suggest trying the beginners run. If you are new to club cycling then please see the FAQ page.