3. Why Join a Cycling Club?

If you are new to cycling the thought of joining a club can be a daunting prospect. You may have lots of concerns and questions - am I fit enough, can I ride in a bunch, am I fast enough, what's the rules etc etc - fear not!

So, why join a cycling club, what are the benefits?

  • You will find a like minded group who have knowledge and experience of pretty much all aspects of cycling.
  • Don't under estimate the social aspect, the miles fly by quicker when you are in a group, you get to visit cafes you didn't know existed, you can chat about cycling, lycra and leg shaving and not get weird looks :-)
  • You will improve your technique for sportives or racing - drafting, bit and bit, climbing, sprints for the 30's, improve your fitness riding with a group and pushing yourself.
  • A number of the club members ride local, national and international sportives and will be able to give advice on training, preparation and which sportives offer what challenges. 
  • You will see new roads and routes around Angus, Perth and Fife with fantastic scenery.  
  • The club is affiliated to British Cycling, and so you will get an introductory discount when joining them. We encourage members to join BC and take advantage of the numerous benefits, even if you do not want a race licence.
  • There is years of cycling experience at all levels available to give members advice to help you improve.
  • There can be safety in numbers and so there is a school of thought to suggest we are safer riding on the roads in a group than solo.
  • There is always someone willing to help fix mechanical issues and able to provide / sell / buy bits and bobs.
  • It can be more fun when riding events and sportives to be part of a group, share travelling and help each other out.
  • A number of members go on an annual cycling "training" camp to Majorca (usually in April).
  • Race as part of a team (only if you want to).
  • You will be able to buy and wear lovely club kit at subsidised prices.

There is the FAQ which will hopefully answer any other questions you may have and some Do's and Don'ts when riding in a bunch. Please get in touch if you want to ask a question, seek advice or just have a chat about cycling or the club.

So if you are considering joining a club, what are you waiting for, come along and try us out.