Neil Sinclair

Sad news received from Valerie about her Dad (Neil Sinclair) that some of the elder folks may remember:

I thought some of you more senior members would like to know that Dad passed away peacefully on Christmas Day.  He broke his hip in 2015 and subsequently moved to Moncreiffe nursing home.  Despite losing his ability to communicate verbally he made his presence known and was a huge favourite with all. He developed a chest infection last Friday and deteriorated fairly rapidly.  He had been cycling up until he was 97 and even then he continued to pedal on an exercise bike in the garden or in front of the TV watching cycling events. 


Despite never cycling with you, Dundee wheelers were such a significant part of his life. I hope you can pass this on to relevant members and they will be more than welcome at his funeral on 11th Jan at 11.00 at St Martins church and grave yard where he promised he would ‘push up daisies’.  


With kindest regards