Miricyl Vitrual Challenge & Weekender Fundraising

The Club is looking to support Scottish charity Miricyl in their "Cycle for a Miracle" virtual challenge (sponsored by road.cc) and also to raise funds for them as part of the Weekender in June.

Miricyl is a new charity, it stands for Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives and their aim is to create a world free from mental illness. Young people today battle many different pressures: social media, comparing themselves to celebrities, cyber bullying, academic pressure and the prospect of mounting debt.

The Cycle for a Miracle event will see members log their rides (eg from Strava) during May - September, with the aim of cycling the miles that would cycle the length, breadth or both of Britain! All while supporting and promoting the charities work as much as possible.

We have also decided that our Weekender will be a sponsored event and if possible members can get family and friends to donate to Miricyl too.

i will send out more details on registering for the virtual challenge and the fundraising page nearer the time.

For more information on Miricyl and the Cycle for a Miracle Challenge go to http://www.miricyl.org/ and http://miricyl.org/cycleforamiracle/

Your support will be greatly appreciated.