AGM 2013 Report

The AGM was held on November 7 2013, here are some points that were reported / discussed.

Note that these are not the official minutes and if I have missed anything or got it wrong please let me know and I will amend, this News item is just to spread the word amongst the members.

A new treasurer appointed - Jerry Toy. Ian Anderson reported that the accounts were in good order and saw no reason to increase the membership fees, so they are set at £15 for 2013 /2014.

Some discussion on what to do with the current funds and perhaps use them to help attract new members.  A couple of suggestions were finding better premises and a new member introductory pack. Options to be explored. Agreement to look at making better use of the current club room or finding alternative premises so we can introduce Club Nights for things such as maintenance classes, turbo training nights, guest speakers, etc. 

Agreement to have a redesign of the club kit, retaining the same blue / yellow / white colours. Ideas to be submitted and we will vote to choose the winner. 

The following club posts were elected / agreed for the next year:

  • Chairman - Iain Anderson
  • Secretary - David McCallum
  • Treasurer - Jerry Toy
  • Committee - Bob Kilhooley and Jim Foulis
  • Auditors - Vic Polanski and Sandy McGregor
  • Captain - Graeme Carruthers

As I mentioned above, if I have missed anything let me know.

Graeme Carruthers