Club Fees Now Due

Following the AGM, members annual club fees are now due. Once again retained at the bargain price of £15. 

10TT August 11th 2015 Results

Thanks to all who took part and helped on the night, the results are:

First Name Surname Club Age Cat Time
Jon Entwistle Deeside Thistle CC   4th 20:55
Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle RC   4th 21:34
Neill Kemp Glasgow Nightingale CC   2nd 21:50
Robert  McLean Angus Bike Chain   3rd 21:55
David Millar SVTTA Vet   22:39
Duncan Buchanan Fife Century RC   4th 22:51
Ian  Grant Deeside Thistle CC Vet   23:12
Michael Giles Ythan CC Vet 4th 23:25
Joe  McFadyen Dundee Wheelers CC     23:57
Stewart Irving Angus Bike Chain     24:02
Steve  Crawford COG Velo     24:10
Alan Davidson Dundee Thistle RC     25:02
Philip Morris Dundee Thistle RC Vet 4th 25:14
Dougie  Young     4th 25:20
James MacDonald West Lothian Clarion CC Vet   25:26
Jonny May Edinburgh RC Vet 3rd 25:45
Gillian  Elliot Dundee Wheelers CC     25:46
Jerry Toy Dundee Wheelers CC Vet   25:48
Ally Mill  Dundee Wheelers CC     26:18
Carol Middleton Ythan CC Vet   26:45
Jim Barrie Dundee Wheelers CC Vet   27:16
David Ross Dundee Wheelers CC Vet   27:23
Pam Irving Angus Bike Chain     27:33
John Hodgson Paul Milnes - Bradford Olympic RC Vet 4th 27:42
Sonya Drummond Dundee Thistle RC     27:45
David Martin Dundee Thistle RC     28:09
David Mitchell Perth United CC Vet 4th 29:46
Jonathan Mack Dundee Wheelers CC     30:13
Euan  Ritchie Angus Bike Chain Vet 3rd DNS
Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Wheelers CC   4th DNS

10 Mile TT - 10th May 2015 Results

Pos Name           Club           Cat Time
1 Brian Sproul Dundee Thistle V 0:24:25
2 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle V 0:24:38
3 Greg Seymour Synergy Cycles S 0:24:52
4 Nik Parker Adept Precision RT V 0:25:27
5 Joe McFadyen Dundee Wheelers CC V 0:26:09
6 Jonny May Edinburgh RC V 0:26:13
7 John Wigham   V 0:26:35
8 Fergus Dargie Dundee Wheelers CC V 0:28:02
9 Rory Fairbairn   V 0:28:04
10 Stewart Irving Dundee Thistle S 0:28:07
11 Philip Morris Dundee Thistle V 0:28:11
12 Cieran Hannan Dundee Wheelers CC S 0:29:02
13 Joe Fee Deeside Thistle CC V 0:29:06
14 Anna Fairweather Spokes RT FS 0:29:13
15 Scott McCord Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique S 0:29:26
16 Colin Scott Dundee Wheelers CC V 0:29:36
17 Stephen Knight Dundee Thistle V 0:30:27
18 Alan Davidson Dundee Thistle V 0:30:56
19 Kate Russell Dundee Thistle RC FV 0:31:14
20 Jim Barrie Dundee Wheelers CC V 0:32:03
21 Sonya Drummond Dundee Thistle FV 0:32:10
22 Karen Knight Dundee Wheelers CC FV 0:32:50
23 Pamela Irving   FS 0:32:54
24 Alan Geddes Dundee Thistle S 0:34:29
25 Alex Marr Discovery JCC J 0:35:32

Sportives in Scotland 2015

For a third year I have pulled together a list of Sportive events to be held in Scotland in 2015. It may not be 100% comprehensive so if you know of another event then let me know and I can update this. I have marked with a * events that I know club members have taken part in if anyone is looking for info or advice. I will try and keep this updated as events / dates are confirmed. 

A good site for finding events, not just in Scotland is Cyclosport so if you are looking for UK or European challenges a lot are listed in their events pages with links to the organiser's web site for details and entry.


Meeting Minutes Now Online for Club Members

I have added a new menu option to list the weekly Club Meeting Minutes.

You have to be a registered user to see the list and then be able to download them to read. If you voted in the Club Kit Second Round on the web site earlier in the year you will have a logon (note this is different to when you log on to the Forum / Blog etc).

When you select the Minutes Menu, the list will be blank, until you logon using the wee Login Form box on the left hand side of the Minutes page.

If you are not registered and want to be then click the Create an Account option in the Login Form box on the Minutes page. All requests need to be approved by me (to prevent spam and make sure it is just the club members who can register for this non public element). Please make it obvious who you are (real name) so I know you are a Club Member and I can approve it!

Any problems let me know.



Club Runs

The Club Runs were discussed at the Club Meeting and the following agreed. 

  • There will be 2 runs.
  • The faster run will usually leave from the Camperdown Gates at 9am. Aim is to be around the 17mph+ average. 
  • The steadier run will usually leave from Millennium Hall at 9:15am. Typically average around 15-16mph, depending on the group and route. 
  • On the occasions we meet at Baldovie Toll the 2 runs will split into separate groups. 
  • Sunday runs leave from the Camperdown Gates at 9:30am typically as one run. 
  • Depending on numbers, the runs may be further split into groups of 8-10 of similar ability, with each group having a nominated Ride Leader - agreed before setting off. 
  • Club members are expected to take a turn at being a Ride Leader and also to accompany any of the Groups as required so it is not always the usual suspects!
  • It is the responsibility of the Ride Leader to
    • welcome any newcomers and explain how the ride operates - don't assume they have read this page or have ridden in a bunch before
    • make sure everyone knows how to ride in a group, 2 abreast pointing out hazards and rotating the line, what the various signals and calls are and what you do - basically the info here
    • explain where the run is going and highlight any potential hazards that are known
    • communicate directions well in advance of junctions etc to the whole group
    • make sure the group ride safely at a speed that suits everyone in the group. The steady group may want to go at "chatting pace" that's fine, the faster run may want to go at "training pace" that's fine too, sometimes it may be vice-versa - just as long as everyone in the group knows and agrees. 
    • point out in advance as the run progresses any parts of the route that need particular attention such as upcoming hills, known bad sections of road, technical parts of descents (it is still the responsibility of every rider to ride within their own abilities)
  • It is the responsibility of ALL the riders to
    • do as the Ride Leader asks and don't take offence if someone points out something, it is for your and the groups benefit we all ride smartly and safely
    • to pay attention to the road and traffic conditions not just the wheel in front
    • familiarise yourself with the advice - here
    • to point out hazards to the Group
    • to SHOUT out hazards on occasion LOUDLY (particularly if a serious hazard and braking / evasive action required) 
    • to communicate information up and down the line such as hazards or if there is a gap that requires the group to slow up (shouting "easy" or "half a pun") - don't just assume everyone heard the first shout, pass up the line
    • if you see someone struggling with the pace speak up as sometimes the rider isn't able to :-) 
    • to ride 2 abreast when roads and traffic dictate it's safe, single file when required on narrow or busy roads
    • to rotate the line regularly, every 2-5 minutes, in a steady manner without accelerating and EVERYONE takes a turn
    • to NOT sprint out of junctions etc but to maintain a steady pace until all of the group is together
    • to stop and wait as a group if any mechanicals or punctures, where safe to, and then restart as a group once everyone can
  • The runs will not leave anyone behind.
  • Typically the group will split on hills, but will always regroup at the top / bottom.
  • All runs will end up at the same cafe stop, routes may vary slightly.

The intention is to make sure everyone gets out of the Club Runs what they want and know the "rules",  whether they are new to the club runs, wanting a more social steady run or are training for events and races. 

Hope everyone understands the intentions are all good, to make sure everyone knows the etiquette and any questions or issues we can discuss at the Club Meeting.

For further advice and information then British Cycling has a video (here) and also some more information here

Presentation Lunch 2014

An update and some photos for those that couldn't make it along to a very well attended Presentation Lunch at the Woodlands Hotel on 30th November 2014.

Some of the plaques waiting for presentation.


Tourist Trophy 2014 awarded to Karen Knight.


Clubman of the Year 2014 awarded to Bob Kilhooley.


Best 10 Mile Time Trial 2014 awarded to Jim Foulis

Best 25, 50, 100 mile and BAR 2014 all awarded to Fergus Dargie.


Honorary President Bill then made a speech and presentation to our retiring (very) long serving Club Secretary David McCallum on behalf of the Club.


With the official awards completed, Jim Foulis then did his Alternative Prizegiving Speech, also known as getting his own back, as he poked some gentle humour at most of us....

Below are some shots of all the tables at the Lunch, including what looks like a new member defecting TO the Wheelers ;-)

Thanks to all who helped organised the day, to the Woodlands for a fine afternoon and to all who contributed to a bumper prize raffle.


Additional information