AGM 2013 Report

The AGM was held on November 7 2013, here are some points that were reported / discussed.

Note that these are not the official minutes and if I have missed anything or got it wrong please let me know and I will amend, this News item is just to spread the word amongst the members.

A new treasurer appointed - Jerry Toy. Ian Anderson reported that the accounts were in good order and saw no reason to increase the membership fees, so they are set at £15 for 2013 /2014.

Some discussion on what to do with the current funds and perhaps use them to help attract new members.  A couple of suggestions were finding better premises and a new member introductory pack. Options to be explored. Agreement to look at making better use of the current club room or finding alternative premises so we can introduce Club Nights for things such as maintenance classes, turbo training nights, guest speakers, etc. 

Agreement to have a redesign of the club kit, retaining the same blue / yellow / white colours. Ideas to be submitted and we will vote to choose the winner. 

The following club posts were elected / agreed for the next year:

  • Chairman - Iain Anderson
  • Secretary - David McCallum
  • Treasurer - Jerry Toy
  • Committee - Bob Kilhooley and Jim Foulis
  • Auditors - Vic Polanski and Sandy McGregor
  • Captain - Graeme Carruthers

As I mentioned above, if I have missed anything let me know.

Graeme Carruthers

Introductory Saturday Runs - Confidence Building for Beginners

To help introduce riders to club /group cycling we will be holding introductory runs on Saturday mornings at 9:15am from the Millenium Hall in Muirhead.

The plan is to start with runs of 35-40 miles with a cafe stop around half way, so bring money for coffee and cake. The run is for those new to group cycling and there will be at least 2 club members to show you the ropes and pass on whatever wisdom we have :-) The run will stay together and go at a pace suitable to all. If you are able to cycle around 40 miles at 14mph average then you will be fine on the beginners runs. 

The aim is to improve your fitness and learn how to make good use of riding in a group to go further and faster than you thought you could! As you improve and gain confidence then you may want to then ride with the steadier club run, which also leaves from the Millenium Hall on a Saturday.

So if you are planning to get fitter or aiming to ride in sportives this is a good way to help you on your way. 

If you have any questions then please get in touch via our Contacts page or hopefully the FAQ will help too.



British National Road Race - Photos and Videos

Added some photos from the mens British National Road Race at Glasgow to the Gallery - here.

If anyone else has photos or videos send them to me and I can add them too.

Here's a few video clips too (don't think the TV camera men have anything to worry about).






New Dundee Wheelers Facebook Group

Scott McCord has set up a Dundee Wheelers Facebook Group (for those who are Facebook users), link is -

It's a closed group so membership needs to be approved (stops spam etc).

Makes it very very easy to post photos, info etc and gets something up there that potential new members may find.

I have linked in feeds from our web site to shine through to the Facebook Group too (wee technical snag is that they all look like are posted by me).

All feedback welcome and hopefully will be of use.



Majorca 2013 Photos

I've uploaded my photos from Majorca to the gallery.

If anyone has any to add please send them to me and I can load them too.



Sportives in Scotland 2013

I have pulled together a list of Sportive events to be held in Scotland in 2013. It may not be 100% comprehensive so if you know of another event then let me know and I can update this. Looks like a couple of date clashes for events this year, e.g. the Ullapool and Lord of the Lochs on the same day so no Big Weekend for Kate (bet she's gutted after the fun they all had in 2012) and the St Andrews and Ken Laidlaw on the same weekend too so we cannot do both this year. Plenty to choose.

A good site for finding events, not just in Scotland is Cyclosport so if you are looking for UK or European challenges a lot are listed in their events pages with links to the organiser's web site for details and entry.


New Gallery Images

I have added some images from the recent Sportive St Andrews to the Gallery.

If I missed any while scrolling through the thumbnails on the photographer's web site let me know and I will add them.



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