Club Meetings & Minutes

A note to new members and a reminder for some who should know :-)

We have a weekly Club Meeting, held at 8pm every Tuesday when club matters are discussed in an informal manner. The meetings are held at Morgan Academy FP Rugby Club clubrooms in Alloway Terrace.

Minutes of the meetings are available to Club members on the main Web site. You need to create a login first, which is then approved (to stop spammers) and then you have access to login and download the minutes.

Go the Minutes page

On the left hand side, click the bottom link "Create an Account". Fill in the details and click the Register button. Once your login is approved you can login on the Minutes page to see all the links to the minutes files.

Wednesday & Thursday Evening Runs

As the clocks have now gone forward and spring is in the air, it is time for the return of the mid week runs, starting this week (March 28th).

Meet at Invergowrie at 6pm on a Wednesday for a flat blast round the Carse and on Thursday also Invergowrie at 6pm for a hilly loop (regroup at top of the climbs).

All welcome.

Miricyl Vitrual Challenge & Weekender Fundraising

The Club is looking to support Scottish charity Miricyl in their "Cycle for a Miracle" virtual challenge (sponsored by and also to raise funds for them as part of the Weekender in June.

Miricyl is a new charity, it stands for Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives and their aim is to create a world free from mental illness. Young people today battle many different pressures: social media, comparing themselves to celebrities, cyber bullying, academic pressure and the prospect of mounting debt.

The Cycle for a Miracle event will see members log their rides (eg from Strava) during May - September, with the aim of cycling the miles that would cycle the length, breadth or both of Britain! All while supporting and promoting the charities work as much as possible.

We have also decided that our Weekender will be a sponsored event and if possible members can get family and friends to donate to Miricyl too.

i will send out more details on registering for the virtual challenge and the fundraising page nearer the time.

For more information on Miricyl and the Cycle for a Miracle Challenge go to and

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Wheelers Aviemore Weekender - June 23-24 2018

Weekender to Aviemore with accommodation at Glenmore Lodge.
£46 dinner, B & B.
There are 40 spaces reserved and if you want a bed, please pay £46 directly into the club account (remember to put your name)
Priority to those who have paid their club membership!
If you need the club bank details, contact Ally (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Graeme (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Sportives in Scotland 2018

Here I go again... this is getting harder to do as loads of new events crop up and some disappear, so if there are any missing or wrong please let me know and I will amend. I will try and keep this updated as events / dates are confirmed. 

A good site for finding events, not just in Scotland is Cyclosport so if you are looking for UK or European challenges a lot are listed in their events pages with links to the organiser's web site for details and entry.


Neil Sinclair

Sad news received from Valerie about her Dad (Neil Sinclair) that some of the elder folks may remember:

I thought some of you more senior members would like to know that Dad passed away peacefully on Christmas Day.  He broke his hip in 2015 and subsequently moved to Moncreiffe nursing home.  Despite losing his ability to communicate verbally he made his presence known and was a huge favourite with all. He developed a chest infection last Friday and deteriorated fairly rapidly.  He had been cycling up until he was 97 and even then he continued to pedal on an exercise bike in the garden or in front of the TV watching cycling events. 


Despite never cycling with you, Dundee wheelers were such a significant part of his life. I hope you can pass this on to relevant members and they will be more than welcome at his funeral on 11th Jan at 11.00 at St Martins church and grave yard where he promised he would ‘push up daisies’.  


With kindest regards




Roadworthy - Life on Two Wheels

From Dale -

"For the last 6 months Rising View and 81 Films have been following the Dundee Wheelers Cycling Club all around Scotland.

Today we are releasing the extended trailer with the final documentary due in 2018 - ROADWORTHY - LIFE ON TWO WHEELS (click HD button for best experience!)

We used a variety of filming techniques to capture the fast moving bunch of cyclists including drones, gimbal cameras and a modified van to get close to the action."

Available on Rising View and the Wheelers Facebook pages and on Vimeo for the non Facebookers

Thanks to Dale & Steve for a fantastic film and we cant wait to see the completed movie.


Additional information