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Postby Bill L on Tue May 12, 2015 7:47 am

This year the Caley Etape was about the worst weather that that could have happened. If they had told us they were booking monsoon rain I dont think we would have signed up for the sportif. It swept across Loch Rannoch straight on to the bunch I was in. I couldnt feel my feet by the end and getting up Schehallion (I used to get the belt in school for my spelling) was very hard for me. Generally times seem to be down 10 to 15 minutes for everyone but by the end we were all smiling - we do a strange sport. I met 5 wheelers (sorry I never know second names) so again a good turnout. One of the nice things about this event is, obviously, closed roads, but I always meet friends I have not met for years and that is really great. All sorts of random people turn up and it is nice to rekindle old acquaintances. As you know I go as fast as the wheels in front of me as long as they dont go too fast and I came in at 4h 9m.

If anyone can add to the people and the times that would be good.
Bill L
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