Would I manage it

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Would I manage it

Postby deferd on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:24 pm

Hi,I am sixty and recently bought myself a bike more to get fit and stay healthy than for anything else,I tend to cycle three or four hours at a time around the sidlaws or up to monikie doing a max of thirty or forty miles but it takes me a long time 3 hours or more.
I just don't have the strength I had when I was younger but thought the best way to improve is with a club.
Im attracted to cycling in a group because of the expertise and knowledge there will be within a club like yours so I pose this question.
Would I manage club cycling.
My hearing is poor so I have to be very wary of traffic I often don't hear vehicles until they are near enough passing me,I do plan to get a mirror but can't make up my mind if attachment to helmet or handlebars is best.
I see that you do tend to rotate when out cycling so poor hearing is a concern for me especially if it's windy.
Looking over my shoulder whilst keeping both hands on the bars is also problematic.
I'm sounding like an old croc here but I thought it best to point out my issues .
I run a bit usually 5 or 10k once or twice a week and do parkrun every Saturday morning and spin at the gym but it's a whole different thing on a road bike in a pack.
I'm keen and eager to learn but don't want to be a burden holding everyone up .
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Re: Would I manage it

Postby gcarr2803 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:51 am

we do have a variety of runs throughout the week, with the main club runs on Saturday and Sunday and they are typically around the 50-60 mile mark - not sure if that would be too much for you just now?
There is an "unofficial" run on a Wednesday morning that meets a mile or so after Birkhill on the Newtyle road that usually goes to Dunkeld which tends to be a social cafe run pace.

You will move faster in a group than solo, the joys of drafting, but even the social runs will be around 15-16mpg average.

Not sure if this help and certainly don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, if you do have any more questions then let me know.

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