Run Report 28 October

After a refreshing extra hour in bed and the rain forecast not showing up 4 of us left the gates for Dunkeld (Jerry, John O, Graeme C and RG making a guest appearance). A nice run to the Birnam Arts Centre at a steady pace only down side the state of some of the roads.

The run back saw the pace rise a tad, or maybe my legs were just really gubbed. We caught Ian G, Dougie and Sheila just as we got back to Newtyle which was a welcome relief as we kept a social pace home.

No rain at all over the weekend runs – long may it continue.


Run Report 27 October 2012

Winter has arrived, but it was nice and bright.

With some hardy souls off on the Thistle Weekender there were only 4 of us at The Gates and off into frozen Perthshire (Jerry, Jim F, John O and Graeme C). Jerry made sure we got nice and warm as he kept the pace steady. A very pleasant run in bright sunshine.

Arrived at the Abernethy cafe to thaw out and soon after Bob, Vic and Frankie arrived.

Steady back home, non of the usual fun and games as the 4 of us stuck together. Could have been worse, could be grinding up Cairn O’Mount with panniers in the snow 🙂


Mid Week Training

If anyone fancies starting some mid week training then lets meet at Bridge View Cafe, which is along the riverside for 6 pm sharp tomorrow (23rd Oct)….. Full mudguards and lights essential ….Training approach is to keep in the small chainring and should be around11/2 to 2 hours long with no more than 6 per group ….with the most likely route being along the Carse for starters.  Any takers?

Run report 21st October

Peace and harmony prevailed once again at the gates. There was a distinct lack of winter bikes, and my heart sank as some very fast looking carbon bikes made their appearance. It was going to be a hard day on the “tank”.

Kenny was keen that we be adventurous and head for Forfar via the “Hidden Valley”. So hidden that only Ian seemed aware of it’s location! An amazing run to Forfar on beautiful back roads, with stunning views and sunshine – doesn’t get much better.

We seemed to pretty much take over the cafe at Forfar, although a very dominant waitress soon had us in check.

I really couldn’t tell you how we got back to Dundee – it was an Ian Anderson special, involving every hill in between Forfar, Kirrie and Dundee! I’m sure at points we were going round in circles. By now, my legs were feeling the effects of the winter bike (doesn’t bode well for next weekends trip to Braemar with panniers add into the equation), and it was a case of gritting my teeth and keep pedalling. Thanks to Jo who did a sterling job on the front, despite being “under the weather” (medical terminology), and to Jerry for dragging me up Pitnappy.

A great day out.

Run Report 20 Oct 2012

A foggy start to the day as 6 of us rolled away from The Gates, passing “Bob’s Run” at Millennium Hall which looked like it had a good turn out. Out to Meigle where we were soon passed by some abusive firemen (okay, it was John Milligan actually working and shouting “encouragement” as they passed!). Soon after Alyth  we were down to 4 as Lionel and Cameron turned off. Up and over some rolling roads looking for a toilet for John O to let out some hot air and then on to Drumore and on to Peel Farm.

No bacon rolls at Peel Farm as apparently a group of cyclists had already been in and eaten them all! Just as well the cakes are so good, so they redeemed themselves.

Fog had now lifted and sun was shining as we headed back towards Kirri, Glamis and over Lumley Den.

Good run kept at a sensible winter training pace, tired legs all round.


Run Report 14 October 2012

I really really fancied going over the Moulin Moors (yeah right), but the consensus was we’d give it a miss and so we joined up with The Thistle and headed to Dunkeld. A good group of 18 or so made for a most enjoyable roll out. Went out past Piperdam and The Lochs way.

After the cafe the run split into groups as some headed off for some fast miles and others decided not to. So a dozen of us made good pace home, with the weather getting a wee bit dreich again. Back over Birnam Brays and on to Newtyle for a wee sprint finish,

Good to get out and get the miles in even if we did get soaked again.




Run Report 13 October 2012

I always liked the word dreich sums things up well and certainly applies to the weather!

Four of us hung around The Gates waiting for someone to turn up that actually knew the way to Balintore. Nobody did, but not long after setting off we met Andy Y and the five of us headed out to Meigle / Alyth. The decision was made to skip Balintore and head to Kirrimuir for the cafe stop.

Five minutes after arriving at the cafe Ian Anderson arrived, he’d been following us along exactly the same route.

Rolling home over Den of Airlie with me playing how far can I go with my slow puncture before having to top it up! Time for thick winter tyres.

Weather wasn’t the best, but at least we managed to get out.



Run Report 7 Oct

It was a beautiful moment as peace and harmony broke out at The Gates and the Wheelers and the Thistle decided to go on the same run, Perth – Newburgh.

So 14 of us (I think) headed out in glorious sunshine (wee bit nippy at first, but warmed up). Good run as we head out past Piperdam on to Kinrossie and then down to Scone, where we managed to use the cycle lane to skip past all the traffic that had backed up at road works.

Stopped at the garden centre past Abernethy, where it took 40 minutes for the last of the bacon rolls to be served – just as well nobody was in a hurry.

The usual fun and games on the hills up to Hazelton before grouping back together for the sprint down to Wormit.

Cracking day out with blue skies and a tailwind home.


Run Report 6 October 2012

A very bright sunny but chilly morning saw 9 of us leave The Gates and heading for Snaigow. A beautiful run at a nice pace, with Joe getting the prime after powering away from us all. Bill and Lionel had turned off earlier and the 7 of us made it to the cafe at Butterstone. You learn something new everyday and today I learned it only costs £20 to get your back waxed. If you’re interested John O knows where to go 🙂

A steady run back in the sunshine, until we got our own back on Joe at Pitnappy. Cracking day out and long may this weather continue. Two things that did cross my mind today. If wearing lycra and shaving your legs (and back) isn’t strange enough, how about the Pavlov’s Dogs response of as soon as you get passed, you MUST chase after a tractor. And, how much fun there is in seeing how long you can free-wheel after a hill. We are easy pleased.



Big Weekender

Sitting here, legs aching from my big weekender – two sportives in two days!  Friday night saw Brian and I heading up to Ullapool.  The further north we got, the heavier the rain, and the stronger the wind.  I never knew it was possible to feel sea sick in a stationary campervan!  Not a lot of sleep was had as the storm raged outside and I had visions of the bikes being blown away.  Saturday morning came with no sign of the storm passing – surely the sportive would be cancelled.  No such luck, so off we set in the rain and wind, heading north out of ullapool.  10 miles on and we turned left, winding our way behind Stac Polaidh – even in the rain it looked stunning.  First feed station at Lochinver was very welcome.  The road thereafter was horribly similar to the Applecross route, only worse!  Relentless up and down, with the wind just making things even tougher.  By now I was beginning to lose the will to live.  Finally I was back on the main road – yet more climbing, but at least these were longer, steadier hills.  It was a question of head down and just keep pedalling.  Never have I been so pleased to finish an event.  It had been a long, lonely run.  The best part of the whole thing was that it turned out to be only 83 miles, rather than the 88 miles on the website!

Well done to Angus who flew round (please can I have some of what he’s on), and to Brian who survived a near death encounter with a cycle hating motorist (who was left in no doubt  who was at fault).

Having had the hardest day of my life on the bike, I was praying that Brian would suggest we head home.  But no.  On to Fort William, wondering how I would manage to pedal 10 miles, let alone 115 miles the next day.  More torrential rain overnight, but at least no sea sickness!

Sunday morning looked pretty grey, although there was a hint of blue sky out west, where we we heading.  I knew a different mentality was needed to get round the course – tourist speed, enjoying the sights along the way.  And so it was, that I had one of the best days ever on my bike!  The scenery was spectacular – helped by some sunshine between the showers.  The route was relatively flat (compared to the previous day) and the feed stations were brilliant – including tea and coffee, which is a first for me at feed stations.  Even Brian seemed to be enjoying the novelty of stopping at feed stations!  The last 20 miles were hard going – Fort William was temptingly close (only a couple of miles across the water), but a long way round by road.  Thanks to Brian who did the hard work on the front of our group of four – the three of us flagging by this stage.  It was a great feeling to cycle back into Fort William – a very different experience to the previous day.

This is the first time that No Fuss Events have run this sportive, so numbers were small, which in some ways made it all the more enjoyable.  It’s a spectacular route – but one that needs to be enjoyed.  It would be a shame to race round it and not take in what’s passing by.

Tired, tired legs tonight, but a real sense of achievement after an epic weekend.