Presentation Lunch 2012

Over 50 of us Wheelers, Thistle and wives, girlfriends, boyfriends etc descended on to the Woodlands Hotel in Broughty Ferry for the annual presentation lunch. I tried to get a photo of everyone at the tables before the meal, so apologies if I missed anyone, but you were probably at the bar! All of the photos of the day are in the main web site gallery.

Rumour has it that Jerry didn’t want to tarnish his reputation and have a photo of him sober and awake, but could this be him?

The meal was very good, nothing like a 3 course Christmas dinner with crackers to get you in the festive mood and it’s good to see everyone who could make it along.

After the lunch the official prize giving was presented by Bill.

The first award was the Tourist Trophy, awarded to Kate Russell.

Kate has represented the club in a multitude of events this year, setting numerous personal best times. She also managed to do the Deeside Loop, the 2 day Thistle Weekender, a loop of Arran and worthy of particular note – shared the campervan with Brian Sproul on the windiest night of the year – chapeau. This was not Kate’s only prize of the day…

The Clubman of the Year was awarded to Graeme Carruthers (for updating the Club’s web presence). Rumour has it he was also spotted going back to help someone on a club run, but as there’s no photographic proof I can’t believe that happened 🙂

As an added bonus I’m sure this must have helped exclude me from some of the “unofficial” prize winners presented by Jim.

Following on from Bill, Jim Foulis then gave the Wheelers 2012 Review, including some unofficial prizes – which were hotly contested. To help give the non cyclists who were there (also known as long suffering cycling widows) a feel for what we get up to of a weekend, Jim showed a short video explaining the “Club Run”. Concepts such as The Gates, working together and the all important Cafe stop were explained. If you can think how the pros look on the TV, we’re the opposite!

The prize “winners” were:

Neanderthal of the Year – David McCallum, for steadfastly refusing to believe in computers, email and mobile phones – could say anything about him here as he’ll never read it online 🙂 David is now the proud owner of a caveman club and was last seen heading to Fat Sams to see what / who he could claim.

The next category of Wheelsucker 2012 was a very close run thing with a number of potential worthy winners, but to show what an equal opportunities club we are it was awarded to that old fox Lionel Wylie from the Thistle! Us “youngsters” can only watch in awe and admiration at the techniques he employs.

The next category could have been awarded to pretty much all of us, yes it was the Half Wheeler of the Year. After a quick straw poll on some of the club runs, the winner was Jim Foulis. Here’s John Osborne accepting it on Jim’s behalf.

Next up was the award for having the biggest balls in the bunch, awarded for grit, determination and fortitude in the face of adversity or as Jim put it “harden the f**k up”. There could only be one winner – step forward Kate! Still not sure if it was for her cycling or sharing the van with Brian!

As cyclists we are always looking at ways to improve with as little effort as possible and so training is essential, although as we all know nobody ever does any (or admits to it anyway) and we are always always feeling rubbish and have cr*p legs! However, given all that, the prize for the most innovative training plan for 2012 went to Iain Anderson

Iain’s dedication to alcohol consumption, cake eating and ordering a full fry up on club runs is second to none and some of the “pretenders” will have to step up to the mark if they want to prise this crown away from Iain next year.

The last award was for The Most Daring of 2012. For anyone who has been out on the winter runs, there could only be one winner – our very own Evil Knievel, John Osborne. I’m not sure what, but it takes something to come out on a pink and white “girls” bike. I’m told girls like to accessorize, so John now has some pink streamers to add to the simply fabulous look he’s been going for this winter!

This could of course be counter productive as I fully expect John to attach them to his bike and do his utmost to drop us as often as he can 🙂

Well done Jim, apart from taking the time to get the videos, photos and put the presentation together, must have spent ages in the shed making all the prizes too!

I will post the unofficial presentation that Jim gave up on the web site soon.

There was also a raffle where £169 was raised for the club funds, thanks to all who supplied raffle prizes, bought tickets and helped run the raffle on Sunday.

If anyone has the annual photo of Jerry passed out on the big leather chair in Reception send it on and I will post on the web site.

A big thanks to David McCallum and Bill McLennan and everyone else who helped organise the lunch.

Run Report 24 November 2012

There were 11 of us out today as both runs joined forces to head out to Newtyle. It was bloomin’ cold and some of the side roads were icy so we stuck to the main roads. At Newtyle, Bob, David McCallum and Frankie went Balkeerie way while the rest of us headed out to Meigle. But we all met up again near Glamis and rolled along to Forfar.

A welcome hot brew and food at the cafe where we were joined by Vic wearing appropriate headgear – a Cossack hat!

Back home went over a few patches of frosty roads, so we gingerly crept along, but it was a lovely day and the sun was shining (shame there was no heat in it though). Mustn’t grumble as we did get out and spin the legs.


Run Report 18 November

A lovely bright crisp morning saw 6 of us head in to deepest darkest Fife for a very enjoyable change of scenery.

Headed out to Guardbridge and then the rolling roads up to Strathkinness, past Peat Inn, Largoward and down to Elie before swinging on to the coast road and a tailwind to Anstruther. Stopped for coffee in The Waterfront which was nice and we met a group of cyclists from Largo & Lundie Cycling Club.

Back home along the coast road to Crail, Kingsbarns, St Andrews and via the back roads at Leuchars to the Tay Bridge.


Run Report 17 November

Pop Quiz – what was Eric Carmen’s biggest hit in 1975?



Answer – All By Myself

Which coincidentally is how I found myself at The Gates today

So I headed up to Birkhill to try and catch Bob’s Squad, these “old boys” are made of sterner stuff and I met Bob, Frankie and Victor. A bit of a cock up on the equipment front resulted in Victor having spd pedals and normal shoes – this must be what happens when you have so much kit to choose from 😉 So after manfully trying and with feet slip sliding about he gave in and turned back. We had now picked up Andy Y and Dave just before Auchterhouse.

The 5 of us went down to Newtyle, Balkeerie and the bog side road to Kirri, with just some cold fog and a couple of punctures for Dave to disrupt an otherwise lovely morning.

Donny met us at the cafe, we beat him there, even though he had 125cc of power helping him :-).

Then back home the way we came in lovely sunshine. A grand morning out.


Tuesday Night Run

Big Jim and Jerry out for the midweek training run. Left Bridge Cafe at 18:30 out to Invergowrie – Craigdallie – Grange and back. Stiff breeze on outward leg but then disappointingly abated on inward leg, however no rain to speak of.

Run Report 11 November

There’s nothing like a nice relaxing Sunday run, and this was nothing like a….. 🙂

Was a bit chilly and not sure about the back roads so we erred on the side of caution and went to Dunkeld with 5 of the Thistle. My legs were shot and it felt hard out past Piperdam and down Tully before finding some rhythm. Joe swung off as he wasn’t doing the full route, leaving Jerry and me as the Wheelers representation. If anyone ever fancies riding Paris – Roubaix you can train on the road through Spittalfield as I’m sure it’s worse than the Belgian cobbles – almost rattled all my fillings out.

The young fast guys went back the Lochs road leaving Chris and me to take it in turns to try and keep pace with Jerry 😉 We came home the Birnam Braes way to Newtyle. Was a lovely morning, shame the legs weren’t up to it.


Run Report 10-11-12

Not a bad morning for November as 6 of us, including young Hugh making a guest appearance, rolled away from the Gates. Jerry took us on a detour to avoid the Kingsway which also managed to avoid anything else resembling a road, but the cyclo cross route was interesting. Out past Errol and round to Kinnoull hill before a descent to Balbeggie. Some of the roads were atrocious covered in a lot of muck and a few slides were “enjoyed”. In keeping with the cyclo cross feel of the day we even went down a closed road and negotiated the barrier, which did induce some impromptu break dancing from Andy.

We must have been hungry as the pace for the last few miles to the Cafe at Blairgowrie picked up but we still didn’t get there before Bob’s Squad had been and gone! We aren’t avoiding you, we just can’t get there quick enough to meet up!

After a welcome break, back out into the cold for a steady pace home the Ardler, Newbigging, Newtyle way. We didn’t see the reported Newbigging Panther though!

A good run and good to see some new faces out, hope to see Hugh again.


Tuesday Evening Training Run

Leave from Bridgeview Cafe at 6:30pm prompt.

Jerry and myself were out last night which was windy on the way out but warm (for November). Pretty sure the wind had dropped when we headed home when we should have had a tailwind. Jerry’s new anti aircraft light was illuminating the whole road for miles ahead (so don’t worry if you’re lights aren’t great).

Head out to Invergowrie then a loop through Grange, up to the Milk Bar and over the A92. Round to Craigdallie, Ballindean back over the A92 at Inchture and back to Invergowrie and then the Bridgeview cafe. A clockwise run round the loop this week.

Cafe to Cafe is about 24 miles and takes about 1 1/2 hrs, all in the wee ring, keeping it steady, no heavy breathing!

Hope to see a few more next Tuesday…

Here’s the details from my Garmin:

Run Report 3 Nov 2012

My run report is a bit tardy this week, but I’ve been waiting for my hands to thaw out and get feeling back in my typing fingers, bloomin’ cold out there 🙂

There were 9 hardy souls at Baldovie, with Bob, Vic and Malcolm heading out while we waited on for John O who was bang on his usual 15 minutes late.  We headed out the usual way past Craigtoun, on to Carmyllie then swing left to Forfar, sticking to the bigger roads to avoid any ice.  A nice steady pace, Jerry’s Level 2, Level 4 for the rest of us.

Arrived at the Forfar driving range cafe just in time to see Bob’s Squad leaving – they must be going well as they keep getting to the cafes well before us, the so called “fast guys”.

We weren’t looking forward to getting back outside into the cold, but we had to. Heading back the Glamis, Balkeerie, Newtyle route. Fair play to Kate for cycling from Forfar to Glamis with only 1 foot clipped in, until the errant pedal was fixed. Then a second unscheduled stop as I punctured (again). Steady up Pitknappie and back to Dundee in lovely sunshine and the temperature had risen to a mighty 5 degrees by then.

Wrap up warm…