Harriers vs Cyclists

A wet and muddy course saw only 6 cyclists out – 5 Thistle men and a Wheeler, despite this the win went to cylist Barry Wilson who made light work of the conditions. Dave Martin snapped some good photos of the event.


The results
Harriers won 33 to 58

Barry Wilson (Cyclist) 26:20
Jamie Crowe (Runner) 27:40
Gordon Barrie (Runner) 30:06
Craig Love (Runner) 30:08
Brian Sproul (Cyclist) 31:16
Jerry Toy (Cyclist) 31:22
Des Crowe (Runner) 32:11
David Adam (Runner) 32:19
Bruce Scott (Runner) 32:28
Mark Lamb (Runner) 32:52
Paul Leonard (Runner) 33:18
Craig Stewart (Runner) 33:38
Reuben Toy (Runner) 34:26
Phil Morris (Cyclist) 34:49
Martin Lawson (Cyclist) 35:47
Phil Forte (Runner) 36:58
Chris McClements (Cyclist) 37:33
Brian Niblock (Runner) 38:37
Caroline Stewart (Runner) 40:03
Donna Pass (Runner) 41:18
Catriona Reynolds (Runner) 42:48
Lorri Mitchell (Runner) 43:03
Charlie Love( Runner) 45:04
Robert Thornton (Runner) 49:43
Barbara Brown (Runner) 55:26

Run Report 29 December 2012

It was a fine morning as I set off for Baldovie, unseasonably warm and a tail wind to push me there, all good. As I met Jerry and we arrived at Baldovie the sky turned grey, then it started raining. Then the rain got heavier. Then a downpour ensued. Iain Anderson drove up to see if anyone else was coming out in this, and he turned around to get go back and get his bike. It turned out 6 of us were stupid tough enough to brave the elements – Jerry, Iain A, Kate, Bill, Andy and Graeme.

Given that we were already wet and cold and we hadn’t started yet, decision was to cut the run shorter and go non-stop. So Jerry took us on a tour of the back roads and some rolling hills before arriving at Newtyle and a tailwind home. Weather did pick up a bit and at least we got out for a good run.

Here’s the Garmin details:



Boxing Day 10

It was a lovely morning as the participants, helpers and spectators gathered at Templeton Woods for the traditional post Christmas shock to the system! The weather was as good as it got for me.

The results were:

Position Name Club Time
1 Barry Wilson Dundee Thistle 29:47
2 Derek Clark Dundee Wheelers 31:10
3 Brian Sproul Dundee Thistle 31:54
4 Kenny Frater Dundee Thistle 34:06
5 Jerry Toy Dundee Wheelers 34:39
6 Martin Lawson Dundee Thistle 35:15
7 Ali Chisholm Dundee Thistle 35:28
8 Paddy Fenwick Dundee Wheelers 35:42
9 Graeme Carruthers Dundee Wheelers 36:20
10 Kate Russell Dundee Wheelers 36:30
11 Steve Knight Dundee Thistle 37:11
12 Phil Morris Dundee Thistle 37:31
13 Dave Ross Dundee Wheelers 37:43
14 Lionel Wylie Dundee Thistle 39:38
15 Frankie Dailly Dundee Wheelers 40:42

Well done to Barry for a sub 30, impressive stuff.

Thanks to the two Iains for timekeeping, Bob for marshalling and everyone else who made it along. Is it too early to apply for a marshalling / timekeeping job for next year, anything so I don’t have to ride it 🙂


Run Report 16 December 2012

After a 3 week hiatus where I ate and drank way too much, it was back out on a club run!

There were 6 of us at The Gates, Iain A and Graeme from the Wheelers and Brian, Ali, Lionel and Barry from the Thistle. Nice morning as we head out past Piperdam. Just around Rosemount Barry decided we were too slow and headed off and Lionel turned off soon too. The four of us then went a variation on the Lochs route to Dunkeld for the cafe.

Peem and Billy McCord had beaten us there and after some coffees the 6 of us headed back along the middle road. Pace was definitely more lively on the way back. Ali wasn’t having a good day, so we eased up and kept it all together (most of the time).

Bit of a shock to the system after a 3 week break, but most enjoyable.


Club Run Sunday 2nd December

Another cold day saw 8 at the gates – a mixture of Wheelers and Thistle clubmen. Again the posted run was changed to Dunkeld due to the expected road conditions from Newbrugh. Peem and Andy York joined us after Birkhill. Then merrily along to Dunkeld via the middle road, John M turning right onto Blairgowrie at the Meikelour junction. 6 of us stopped at the Cafe at the Arts Centre with 3 continuing. A very cold start after the cafe but the Birnam Braes soon sorted that. However the roads thereafter were pretty icy so decided to return via the Beechy Hedge and back along the road we came out on… once again going over Tullybaccart..then back to do some bike cleaning..! Distance (for Jerry) 63 miles.

Run Report Saturday 1st December

5 at the Gates on a cold morning, Jim F, Bill Lindsay, Andy, Jack and Jerry with Peem joining us at Birkhill. Although the run was posted as Perth with the cafe stop at the Horn….decided on two laps of Newtyle-Meigle-Coupar Angus due to the road conditions and would allow the guys not wanting to be out long to complete a loop with the group. So three on the second lap Jim F, Andy and Jerry doing bit and bit to Coupar Angus and a second go up Tullybaccart then a steady but firm pace back to Dundee. A good day despite the cold and good to see Jack back out with the club. Distance (for Jerry) 60 miles.