Run Report 27 January

After the snow on Friday / Saturday was good to get out and apart from some puddles (and usual pot holes) the roads were okay.

We headed off from the Bridge car park towards St Michaels and then on to Balmullo, Dairsie and the back road to Pitscottie / Cupar. The road through Dura Den was interesting as it’s still closed from the last floods when the side of a house was washed away, and looks like it may be in trouble again pretty soon!

Through Cupar and up Hill of Tarvit, round Ceres back to Pitscottie and then the long drag up to Lochty before turning downhill to Anstruther for the cafe.

Wind had picked up and was great from Anstruther to Crail, but then was a fair old slog on to St Andrews and even harder going as we crawled along to Guardbridge.

Back home (for me) to Tayport after a good “rolling” run through sunny Fife.


Run Report 20 January

A fun start to the day as I punctured twice within 2 miles of the house, returned back to swap wheels and so was late for The Gates. Caught them at Tully, after having flashbacks to the Boxing Day 10.

Was 9 of us braving the elements, which weren’t too bad. Headed out to Birnam on the middle road and was generally okay, some slushy bits but mainly clear.

Back home the way we came most of the way, but we went via Newtyle from Coupar Angus. The worst bits of road were the approach to Newtyle, so was glad to get back on the main road home.

Well done to Fergus on his first outing with a group, kept up well and even surprised himself by doing a few pulls on the front – hope to see him out again soon.

Run Report 19 January

Yes 3 of us were stupid enough to go out in that (Jerry, young Calum and Graeme C).

It was fine when I left the house but heavy snow by the time we set off from Baldovie. Jerry’s plan to go round to Monikie and then down to Arbroath and home (as it will be fine by the sea). It was dodgy from the off and it’s not everyday you pull over to let the snow plough past!

Jerry turned right at Kirkbuddo towards Carnoustie but Calum and me looked at the road and said “nah”. No amount of shouting, whistling or phoning could make Jerry turn round so he headed off into the distance. We decided to try and get to Forfar and see what happened from there.

A mile down the road the blizzards hit again and in the ensuing white out we took shelter in a farmer’s shed until the worst past over. Decided to head home as this was borderline madness.

The run back saw the roads change from snow to slush to clear and by the time we were back at the Ferry the sun was shining and you wouldn’t have thought it had ever snowed.

To cap off a fabulous morning I punctured coming over the bridge home 🙁

Looking forward to watching the Tour Down Under and the riders coping with the heat!

Run Report 13 January

I set off for The Gates and within 2 minutes the drizzle started and 5 minutes later it was sleet. By the time I was approaching the Gates it was a full blown snow shower and I didn’t think anyone else would be stupid enough to be out. I was wrong, there was 8 of us!

The snow was getting heavier so any thoughts of a run to Dunkeld were abandoned. Joy and Ali set off for a run to Errol and the rest of us opted for a loop to Meigle / Coupar Angus / Tully. We lost Steve K at Newtyle as he turned off and Lionel soon after at Meigle. Us Wheelers must be hardy stuff as 3/4 of the group that was left were Wheelers 🙂

The 4 of us rolled on to Coupar Angus with the weather not any better and the road occasionally slushy. On to the climb up Tully and through some foggy weather back to Dundee with my toes and fingers now frozen. Made it home as the weather cleared and another 40 miles in the legs. Here’s hoping this cold / snowy spell doesn’t last long.


Run Report 12 January

It was overcast and a wee bit chillier as 8 of us rolled away from the Gates. We got all the way to Birkhill before Bill L got a puncture, thankfully the only mechanical of the day. As we set off we were joined by Andy Y. Steady ride to Meigle then Den of Airlie for some hills (Lionel and Bill turned off before the hills to make their way back home). The weather was turning to rain and then hail so Kenny went to the front and powered us to Forfar for a welcome cafe stop. Definitely a Daz Challenge as we were all wet and mud splattered, especially for those who elected to wear white today (step forward Jim OCD).

Met the guys from the slower run at the cafe as they were heading off and Joe arrived same time as us, he had made his own way there.

Back home on the Lour Moors road, bit of a slog and not helped by the arrival of more hailstones – hope this means us folks who were out in this cr*p weather are all the stronger for it come spring 🙂 All pretty tired, cold and wet but the weather did improve as we got to Wellbank and then homewards. Another 60 miles in the legs….



Run Report 6 January

Another nice morning, as 14 Wheelers and Thistle headed out the Lochs route to Dunkeld.  Nice steady pace and good to see more out on the road – hope the New Year Resolutions stick 🙂

Brian tried to coax us to take the “Forneth Bypass” route over the “Col de Pointless” as Phil called it, but only Jim OCD fell for it, with the rest of us taking the scenic route by the lochs.

Home via the Birnam Braes and up Tully with the usual sprint for the 30’s before rolling home.


Run Report 5 January

A lovely morning, mild and dry, can’t get much better than this in January. We rolled away from the Gates and out to Tully. As we headed to Collace we picked up Andy Yorke and then on to Perth. Good steady pace on the climb out of Perth and a quick blast to Abernethy to find the cafe was shut 🙁 So we headed to the garden centre where we met up with 5 from the alternative shorter run and then joined by David McCallum as we set off home.

Run home with a tailwind was steady, with the pace winding up as we went through Gauldry for the 30’s.

Most enjoyable morning.


New Year Day Run

Happy New Year to everyone.

On a cold, crisp morning, 3 of us made it to the Gates – Jerry, Graeme and Brian for the first run of the year. Heading out past Piperdam to Tully was a real slog into the wind. The road out to Woodside was fine, but then got very tricky and increasingly frosty / icy. So the decision was made to stick to the main road to Meigle and head home from there. A nice easy spin of the legs (for Brian anyway) and then a blast up Pitknappy, where Brian got the first scalps of 2013. On the plus side I did a wee loop on the way home to hit the first 50 mile run for 2013.

Hope you all had a nice lie in and I’m now off to eat my steak pie guilt free knowing I have burnt off some of the calories. See you all soon.