Run report 30 June

There was 9 of us heading off on a fair blustery day to Newtyle, Meigle and a fabulous tailwind to Kirri. Then over to Glen Clova, stopping at the Hotel at the head of the glen. Must have been a a good blast out as we were told we were there too early for food!?! So it was coffee and scones /muffins all round. Fergus then appeared, fresh from a 25 mile TT at Stirling – there’s dedication for you – he’d driven back to Kirri and rode out to meet us.

Back home was a bit of a slog at times, and flying at others, with our Thistle friends dragging us all round. Not sure the decision to finish us off by going over Carrot Hill was the best idea 😉 I was glad to get back home in time to watch the end of today’s stage.

Time for me to rest up this week as I head off to the Alps for the Marmotte on Saturday……

Here’s the stats:



Run Report 29 June

On a windy day 8 of us headed away from the Gates for my least favourite slog into the wind and past Piperdam to Tully. Even throwing my pump at Jerry to slow him down didn’t work 🙂

Lionel turned off after Balbeggie as the pace picked up for the dash to Perth and on to Bridge of Earn. Five of us stopped for some much needed cake, with Bill L and Thistle’s Dr Kate carrying on,

The usual blast back with a tailwind to Gauldry and on to Newport, as we all agreed to “take it steady”, aye right!

A good run out, here’s my Garmin stats:


Robert Millar Sportive

It was a dreich drive down to the start at Fintry, with heavy grey sky and thoughts of a long wet day (again). The sports centre was a good HQ, with parking on the grass pitch and sign on all painless and easy. Met Kenny, Steve and Charlie from the Thistle and Andy as we all mulled over what to wear and the joys of a Scottish summer. Also met Brian and Kate and as I pointed out where Kenny’s van was parked, noticed there was now a van shaped hole in the car park (turns out Kenny, Steve and Charlie decided against a long wet day and headed home).

Andy set off sharp (never to see him again), and I met Brian and Kate at the start and agreed we would ride round together – conditions not great and not too may others around, so chances are we would have ended up going round on our own otherwise. So for once, we actually did it and the three of us went round, all the way, together. The event didn’t seem busy, only passed by a couple of smallish groups (5-6 riders) and the odd 1’s and 2’s out on their own, so sensible decision for the 3 of us to go round together and enjoy it.

The good bits. The route is really good. Rolling roads and a few tough climbs and a couple of good descents. The weather didn’t turn out too bad, got better as the day went on. The event was well run, sign on, marshalling, showers at the end.

The bad! For once actually stopped at the feed station – which was after 65 miles as we looped back past the start HQ – and it wasn’t good. Only had energy gels or a banana on offer. But, the killer was the shocking state of the roads. Unfortunately we are all used to stretches of poor roads, but this seemed to be patches of good surface with the majority pretty awful. A real shame as the scenery and route are amazing, but would put me off heading back. My neck, shoulders and fragile wrists were more sore than the legs!

The three amigos rolled home in about 5:45 I think (official times not available yet).  A couple of photos:

Near the start –

Near the end –

Club Run – Saturday 22nd June

A damp and breezy day only saw three riders at the gates (Ian, Bill L, & Jerry) set off for Bankfoot, Bill decided he was turning off (Balgove Wood) so decided to change the route and head towards Alyth via Adller/Meigle then onto Peel Farm for a coffee stop. Went onto Kirriemuir and then made way back via Inverarity over Carrot hill. Despite the dark clouds we remained pretty dry throughout the run only problem seemed to be a headwind all the way round..! Approx 62 miles for the route.

Cairngorm Sportive

Several Wheelers completed the Cairngorm 100 route on Saturday 15th June. Four of us (Jim, Fergus, Ian & Jerry) traveled up in style in Jim’s new wagon arriving in plenty of time to register and get something to eat prior to the start. We met Dave Ross and Kate and several of the Thistle guys. It was a bit cold at the start but the weather turned out ok despite forecasts to the contrary. Got off at a cracking pace and continued to hang on until Grantown -on-Spey where I had to leave the group via the backdoor…! Eventually got joined by another group who had started later along with Ian who had gone off on one of the previous hills. The climb up to the ski station was tough going against a headwind. Anyhow, provisional times for the Wheelers; Jim F 4:59, Dave R:6:20, Fergus: 5:37, Kate: 5:36, Ian & Jerry: 5:11 but verified results for those interested should be posted on the Handsonevents website shortly; And a thanks to Martin Lawson from the Thistle for the wheel to Aviemore.

Run Report 8 June

After my crash induced absence, it was good to be back out on the road and even better that it was such cracking weather, which was nice.

There were 7 of us at The Gates, including Martin for his first club run. We caught the steady run group (6-7 of them out too) as we past Auchterhouse. So we all headed down to Newtyle where we soon split, with the steady group taking a more direct route to Forfar. We headed over the hidden valley. Soon after Bill turned off, leaving 6 to zig zag our way to Forfar, where John and Andy carried on and the rest met the steady group at the cafe. Was a joy to sit outside and soak up the sun.

The 4 of us headed back via Glamis and Newtyle and home. On the plus side my wrist and ribs weren’t too sore, however think it will take a wee while to get my legs back as I found it tough going. Happy that I got 66 miles in the legs and long may the warm sun remain.

Snow in the Alps!

From Rob Glassey:

These were taken last Wednesday 29th May (yes, the 29th May!!!). We waited 3 days for the Croix de Fer to be cleared of snow and re-opened. If you think I look miserable, you’re absolutely right – I’ve never been so cold in my entire life. The other photo shows how close we could get to the Glandon before being stopped by 3 foot snow drifts!

Who says cyclists don’t suffer for their sport?!!!


Club Run Sunday 2 June 2013

A sunny morning had around 16 cyclists at the gates a mixture of Wheelers and Thistle. However, we parted company at Birkhill with 8 of us (Ian, Fergus, Andy, Kate, Peem, Scott, Dave Ross and Jerry) heading to Auchterader with the Thistle off to do the moors. The pace was nice and steady with only a mild headwind. Stopped at cafe Kisa in Auchterader for a welcome break where good bacon rolls and coffee were served. Then heading back, took us along to Forgandenny via Dunning where Peem turned off to head back via Coupar Angus. Pushed on nicely to Abernethy and then took the usual Perth – Newburgh route back with some efforts on the climbs and the usual tear up to Wormit. A much more pleasant run than that encountered last year – only some dodgy road resurfacing between Luncarty and Methven let it down. Distance for myself was approx 90 miles.