Club Run 18th January 2014

Around 20 riders at Baldovie Toll for the Froickhem/Forfar run. Set off in two groups, a faster group headed out to Forfar via Aberlemno with the steadier group taking the more direct route to the cafe. Peem, Alan and Scott met us at the cafe and they rode back with the steady group. The guys in the faster group returned via Lour.  The run home was pretty miserable due to the heavy rain however, it was good to see that ‘ standards’ were generally maintained… 🙂

Run Report 12 January 2014

There were 10 at The Gates on a very cold and frosty morning. A steady pace was the order of the day as we headed towards Tully. Just before the descent Jim F got a puncture! Brian, Kenny and OCD carried on as they were doing a Blair Lochs route, leaving 7 of us to take the main roads to Blairgowrie.

Then it was out towards the Moulin  Moors on nice quiet roads which weren’t bad at all given the temperature never got above 0. Little patches of ice on the climb over the Moors, but none on the descent, which we took very cautiously.

The decision was made to take the A9 from Pitlochry to Dunkeld in case the back roads were icy, so an 11 mile team time trial followed as we pushed on as hard as we could to there as quick as possible. Bit of a fright as a bus passed VERY close at one point, but mercifully no damage to anyone. Can’t say I’d want to spend that amount of time on the A9 again any time soon (if ever).

Cafe stop at Birnam was much needed to thaw us out and recover.

A steady pace home, Birnam Braes, Campmuir and the final killer slog up Tully before a wee blast back home. I managed to get home just before darkness, with 94 miles in the legs! Moulin Moors done! In January!!



Club Run – Sunday 5th Jan 2014

Six of us at the gates on a chilly morning with the roads a little bit slippery due to ice. Route out to Coupar Angus saw Ian turn back due to the road conditions with Li heading out on his own route as we passed through Coupar. That left four of us heading towards Meigle and on towards Glamis where John M turned and headed back via Lumley Den. Three of us then went a little further to turn at Douglastown and head back via Inverarity/Whigstreet. Unfortunately Colin Scott took a fall when his front wheel went out from him on a patch of ice. Further misery was in store when nearing Monikie when Colin’s rear mech (which must have been bent in the fall) went into the rear wheel spokes and ripped the mech from the frame hanger whilst also snapping his chain. Not the best end to a ride but no real major damage done to either body or machinery. 48 miles (for Jerry).

Run Report 4 Jan 2014

There were 6 on The Gates run and about 20 on the steadier run from the Millennium Hall. The 6 of us headed to Newtyle, Alyth  and then up over the cattle grid climb (where Li had turned off). We then headed round to catch the steady group as they approached the climbs before Peel Farm. Bob and a couple of others had taken a different loop to head to Meigle – did they have prior knowledge, as when we got to Peel Farm it was shut!

So we decided to loop back round to Meigle with some interesting cyclo cross for good measure before meeting Bob’s advance party at the Meigle cafe.

Steady run back, with the weather now a bit cold and damp.

Here’s my Garmin info: