Majorca 2014 Day 7

A lot of sore legs and ailments and broken bodies at the final 10am meet up. There were various runs with folks doing their own thing on the last day. So, 8 of us headed out to Selva and Binissalem where we stopped for coffee and cake and a look round the bike shop. Peem and Scott headed off leaving 4 of us to tackle the climb to Valldemossa where we stopped for lunch.

Valldemossa feed stop

The road from Valldemossa to Deia and on to Soller is simply stunning, absolutely beautiful scenery, good roads and a nice descent to finish it off.

Then on to the Puig Major for the second time this week. Took it easy, just spinning up and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then the blast to the viaduct where we all met back up over a coke.
The legs by this point were screaming, but only the lumpy bit to Lluc, over the drags to the top of Femenia and then all downhill back to Pollensa where there was a final sprint for the 30’s to completely empty the tank.

As I’m a real sado, I then headed to Alcudia and back to get 100 miles on the clock.
A cracking day to finish off the week. Just need to pack up the bike and have the last evening’s fun before the early start and home tomorrow.

Majorca 2014 day 6 – Petra

Oh my poor poor legs, pedaling felt a real hard effort, goodness knows how Jim’s must feel….

A bit cloudy and cool to start as 17 of us headed off for an easier day. Off to Manacur to find a cafe, we didn’t, so on to the cyclists haunt that is Petra. It was mobbed. A very welcome lunch then the run back via Sineu, Muro and a blast past the marshes and the usual rip up along the front to Tolo’s- Scott McCord really powering along and reeling in the attempts at a breakaway…

An “easier” day of 70 miles and only 1 more cycling day left.



Majorca 2014 Day 5 – Mallorca 167 & 312

For me it was one of those rare days when everything feels just right, the rain enforced day off yesterday must have done me some good 🙂

It was an early start, forcing down breakfast at 5:30 and hitting the road at 6am for the 8 mile run to the start in Alcudia, it was still dark and lights were needed!

Ready for the off

Lots of cyclists on the road, all heading for the start line – about 1,700 of us riding the first 90k together, over the big hills before the 167K route and 312K route split at Valldemossa.

Cyclists, thousands of them..

The start at 7am was the usual frenetic stuff, even though it is neutralised for the first 26K, it didn’t feel like it, as everyone jostled for position – it was here we lost Ciaran. Speeding back to Pollensa where we left at 6am and then on to the first climb of Femenia. I was feeling good, much better climbing in the cool rather than searing heat, but Jim has a loooooonnnggggg day ahead, so we kept it sensible. Still managed to pass Sean Kelly though (okay, he had stopped with a mechanical, but a scalps a scalp) 🙂

The Femenia climb had the desired effect of splitting the mass up and we found our own pace. Not much respite as we went over the lumpy bits to the viaduct before the shorter climb of the Puig Major. The descent off the Puig into Soller is one of the best I have ever done, not too technical and seems to go on forever.

The road then immediately kicks up for the fantastic climb to Deia, scenery is absolutely stunning and pretty sure an endorphin rush hit me as I felt like I was flying and had the biggest smile as we swept up to the feed station. I must have really needed a drink as I sped past Miguel Indurain to get a cheese roll and water, leaving Jim to stand and watch him cycle off. As we set off, Ciaran appeared!

The short descent towards Valldemossa is where we parted company with Jim, as Ciaran and me were doing the 167K and Jim the full 312K (as I type this he is still out there and it will be dark when he gets back to the hotel, chapeau).

Descent from Valldemossa is great, again not technical with big sweeping corners. We picked up a small group and sped towards Santa Maria. Ciaran was happy at his own pace (this being his first century ride) and so gave me permission to crack on. The small group soon splintered as a Royal Marine led the charge with us all trying to hang on to his wheel. The route was lumpier than I remembered as we headed to Alaro, Selva, Pollensa and then back towards Alcudia. I’m sure I saw a sign saying 10K to go as my new Marine friend dragged me round towards the finish, but it didn’t half go on and on. I was beginning to think we had missed a turning, but we hadn’t and we reached familiar territory (in far more than 10K). Then with 1K to go you hit the main Alcudia road, turn at the roundabout and on to the finishing straight and the final effort to get over the line.

The route is fantastic, the weather was brilliant and the organisation first class (good signage and marshals at every junction, felt like closed roads as you were waved through every junction and roundabout).

At the finish I picked up my goody bag (t shirt and water bottle and got a cycling top when we signed on too) and then on to the food tent for a BIG plate of pasta and water. Ciaran appeared soon after, his first century (and some) in the bag.

Mallorca 167 DONE

Fergus, Ian, Jamie and James had come to the finish to meet us and David McC was even seen on the course doing some marshaling before meeting us too. Was nice to see some friendly faces, but even nicer to see a full blown legend – Miguel Indurain was happy to get his photo taken with everyone and was a fantastic end to the day.

Only 1 of these cyclists has won Le Tour 5 times!

Majorca 2014 day 4 – a wash out

Thunderstorms all morning. Never have you seen so many glum faces moping around staring at the grey sky wishing it would turn blue. The fabulous smooth roads are great in the dry, but turn to glass in the wet, so we took it safe and decided to not go out – first ever wash out for me in Mallorca 🙁

Scottish weather

Eventually as boredom was really kicking in, the rain stopped and the roads dried. We took a very easy spin out to Alcudia to register for tomorrow’s Mallorca 312. We did manage to bum into Dougie Vipond (again) and Sean Kelly and saw Big Mig’s old time trial  bike as we wandered around bike shops – so wasn’t all bad.

Weather should be better tomorrow, early start for Jim, Ciaran and me as we need to be on the start line before 7am!

Majorca Day 3 – Soller & Puig Major

A lovely start to the day with a great coffee sitting in the sunshine,waiting for the off.

Great coffee

We all rolled out together, 20+ peloton, off to Sa Pobla, but disaster as Deeside Steve had a mechanical and had to turn off. We lost a few more en route to the coffee stop at Santa Maria for some fabulous chocolate cake.

Santa Maria Cake stop – we do cycle sometimes too

Then on to Banyola where we split into 2 runs, some going back via the Orient and 8 of us off to do the 5k climb and descent to Soller, before the big one – 10 miles of Puig Major. It was blistering heat and we were all cooked at the top – we would have paid anything for drinks, but alas no water stop until the viaduct.

Puig Major

From the viaduct we took it easy over the lumps, that felt like mountains, down to the monastery at Lluc for some much needed food and drinks. Was then the fabulous descent of Femenia and blast back to Pollensa for post ride refreshment at Tolos.

Another cracking day, think we are all knackered now.

Today’s stats are 90.6 miles in 5.5 hours and a lot of climbing again.

Majorca 2014 – Day 2

After a good sleep and a hearty breakfast it was time for the first full day of the trip.

One group favouring a long flatish run to Randa, and another off to Sa Calobra, anything but flat! A nice steady pace out to Selva and then the first climb of the day, the fabulous ascent of Coll de Sa Batalla. Jim F took off and I did my best to hang on to his wheel as he set a cracking pace – he really is flying. A quick coffee at the top as we all regrouped.

Coffee time

Then over the lumps to the descent down to Sa Calobra for lunch. Perhaps not the best prep before a 10K 7% climb to be full of food…..

Jim set off, first to the top of another climb. It was really hot,but marvelous…

We then “took it easy” 😉 on the descent, regrouped and then unleashed Joe for the flat run back in, a cracking pace as he powered on to take the sprints for the 30’s.

Stats – 67.6 miles in 4.25 hrs and lots of climbing!

Majorca 2014 – Day 1

It was a very rude awakening at 2am for the 2:30am pickup and on to Edinburgh airport! Easyjet don’t seem to know their own cycle box policy with weight limits, which should be 32Kg and not the 23Kg they were enforcing, resulting in some last minute repacking. Other than that the journey was as uneventful as it should be, well apart from the stag party on their way to Magaluf 🙂

Checked in at the hotel, bikes built and ready for the off and the sky had turned a rather nasty shade of grey 🙁 Didn’t stop the hardy Wheelers who were ready to roll at 3pm.

We headed out over the bumps to Sa Pobla for an easy leg spinner to check all was working – hmm where have I heard that before…Pace picked up as we headed to Can Picafort and then a coffee stop at Alcudia. By now the sky was blue, sun was out and all was good. So much so that some decided to top up / start their tans!

Scots Abroad 🙂

Then the usual blast back from Alcudia along the seafront, where we decided to keep on going to do the wee climb to the car park on the way to Formentor. A cracking pace from Jim F so him take the honours today, and the view from the top was spectacular.

A welcome rest

A relaxed descent and toddle back to Pollensa (this time we actually meant it) and home for a quick refreshment before getting ready for dinner.

A long day, and the 2am alarm seems like a different week, never mind the same day. Great to be here and looking forward to the week of fun.

Stats for today are 39.7 miles in 2hrs 15 mins.