Kennoway Reliability 2015

A cracking morning for a wee ride round Fife, shame there weren’t as many Wheelers this week, honest you’d have enjoyed it. There were 6 Wheelers (I think) Cairan and me in the faster group and Davie Ross, Martin, young Mat and Gill P doing the steadier run and a fair few other familiar faces too. A good size bunch for all the rides (believe there were 110+ in total across the 4 runs).

A nice steady pace out to Colinsburgh and on towards Crail before left and blast up and down to St Andrews. There was a wee spill going round the hairpin bend in St Andrews at the Cathedral, very slippy road and there was a spill in exact same place in the following steady run! No major harm done and we were soon off again.

There was a change to the usual route as we missed out the loop from St Michaels to Tayport / Wormit due to the roadworks – maybe sacrilege but I think it worked better as battering through the villages dodging in between cars was always a bit hairy for me and this felt safer.

And as we approached Gauldrie the fun begins and the attacks started. A group of 12 ish got away and then down the really really dodgy descent to Hazelton and across the A92. This group stayed together up and over the lumps to Cupar and the Hill of Tarvit climb where we lost a few more. I was now barely hanging on to the back of the group as they attacked each other going over the final lumpy section, into the wind. I managed one effort on the front then that was it as Thistle Neil surged away with 4 others with about 3 miles to go. Thanks to Calum Grey and some traffic lights and a busy junction we did manage to get back on to them just at the end to roll in together.

It was a cracking run and the post ride buffet fab too.

I heard that young Mat, on his first official event as a Wheeler, had a tumble, hope him and the bike are both okay.

So that’s the 2 tricky away legs over, weekend “off” next week then the 2 home legs to go!

The Garmin route / stats are:

Fife Reliability 2015

And so it all begins again, the annual kick start to the road season seems to come round very quickly these days. Only seems like yesterday it was all turkey and mince pies 🙂

It was a cracking day for it which helps explain the 200 or so who participated in the various runs. A touch cold to start with a wee bit of a wind, but was a “tailie” home for those doing the anticlockwise “training” race run.

Plenty of Wheelers in attendance (17 counted) and lots of other Dundee friends with a huge turnout for the clockwise steady groups.

After some cajoling, okay verbal abuse, Cairan relented and joined myself and fellow “Dundonians” Brian S, Louis C and Fraser Miller in the “fast group”. A good steady pace out and down to Newburgh and Bridge of Earn with everyone I think taking part in the work into the wind. The usual surprisingly steep “climb” up through Auchterarder (where we passed the steady runs going clockwise) was livened up by a certain Mr Sproul who was having a very good day. Roadworks / traffic lights kept us all together to the foot of the day’s climb where as usual the pace hottens up. The aforementioned Mr S took the prime with a group of 6 or 7 of us and we now had the downhill, tailwind section back. The pace back was too hot for me as I was running out of gears (curse of the compact) and legs, but managed to just about hang on to the end.

The food and chat afterwards in the hall were as always great.  The rest of the riders all home safely and appeared to have a good time.

A big thanks to Fife Century as they always put on cracking events and getting the weather right this year was a bonus.

Next stop Kennoway, 10am start at Milton of Balgonie – see you all there……

Here’s my Garmin stats for the ride: