Wheelers Reliability 2015

The last of the 4 usual Reliability Trials and the weather was looking not too bad – still windy but nowhere near as bad as Saturday’s hurricane (11mph on the flat for me). Car park was already buzzing when I rolled up and signed on, looks like we were in for a well attended event.

There were 30 on the Fast 70 and looking like more on the other runs. Pace out to Newtyle was fine, then right turn and crunch, my chain slipped off. I stopped for all of 5 seconds to put it back on and set off, and the bunch were about 100 metres in front. I then spent the next few miles chasing them to Glamis and the gap stayed much the same all the way there. My crunching gears were becoming even louder so I mentally decided it wasn’t going to be my day and took a very very minor (honest) detour to then let the bunch catch me on the way to Meigle. After shipping my chain on the only hill back to the route I then soft pedalled my way round to Blairgowrie when the bunch caught me. Every time I had to put any power down though there was a horrific crunching, slipping and much chain shipping, so that was it.

I then spent the majority of the day pootling round on my own, soft pedalling to limp home, and in all honesty rather enjoyed it 🙂

Was glad to get back for some cakes, what it’s all really about and chat with everyone on how they got on. Lots of positive feedback from the riders, which is great to hear. Turns out the fast group had an average of 22mph, so maybe just as well I didn’t have to try and keep up with that!

Thanks again to everyone who helped organise, helped on the day, took part and kept us all well fed and watered at the end.
Another successful year, with a record attendance!

Now the serious training for Majorca starts 🙂

Dundee Thistle Reliability 2015

The weather forecast was ominous, but that didn’t stop almost 100 taking part in the various rides, with a good showing of Wheelers.

There were around 20 on the “Fast 70” as it was billed and we slogged out over Tully in a tough wind (theme for the day) and some rain too. Think the wind kept it steadyish out past Stanley and Luncarty and the start of the lumpy stuff. We passed the “Steady 70” group fixing a puncture just as we headed in to Litle Glenshee and snow! Pace was a bit frantic and unfortunately 1 rider came down on some gravel. After regrouping, he was okay, we went on to the ford – which I have to say I was a tad concerned it may be a torrent, but we all got over safely and then turned to have the wind at our backs. The blast down Little Glenshee is a bit dodgy with water covering potholes, gravel and dodgy road surface so I was glad when we hit Bankfoot.

As is the norm, a few met their own Waterloo on the climb out of Bankfoot as the pace went up – made even more fun by the herd of deer that jumped out in front of us. At the top we passed the “Social 50” group, many of which decided they now wanted to join the “Fast 70” group and tagged on making it a big bunch.

After the left before Spittalfield, at the next lumpy bits before the lochs is where it kicked off with 4 getting a gap to about 5 of us and then carnage behind! The 5 of us chased hard for what seemed like an eternity to close about a 10 second gap, but to no avail. By Coupar Angus they were gone, not to be seen again. Soon after Coupar it was down to 4 of us as we worked together back home with some very very tired legs. On the plus side, the sun had come out!

Thanks to the Thistle for putting on another tough enjoyable event and for the post ride buffet, much appreciated.

Just under 68 miles in 3:28 @ 19.5mph for me, my Garmin stats: