Reliability Season 2018 Round 3 – Perth United

The traditional middle weekend off is no more with this new event hosted by Perth United CC.

Some idiot (me) had the bright idea to suggest riding out to the start at Murthly. A fair few Wheelers met at Millennium Hall at 9:15 for a social ride out and sign on at the Uisge Restaurant at Murthly. There were long and shorter routes for faster and steadier groups, catering for all. Time for a coffee and then just before 11am the fast group were called out to the start. PUCC had a very nice start clock and an official flag waver set us off bang on 11am.

A fairly frenetic pace as we sped along back towards High Kettins and the first slope of the day saw some shelled out the back. The group then pretty much stayed together all the way round at a tempo, but not brutal, pace. Route was good, rolling rather than monster hills, just the usual state of some roads to contend with. We kept it steady over the lumps and all were working well to speed us along back to the start and a wee dig at the end to see us over the finish line.

Thanks to PUCC for hosting this event, all went very well and hopefully be a permanent fixture on the calendar. They even managed to organise fine weather for a February morning.

The steady groups then all came home safely as we enjoyed the post event buffet of soup, sandwiches and big cakes 🙂 Have to say the ride back wasn’t filled with joy as we battled sore legs and a headwind at a relaxed pace. If I suggest riding out next year, talk me out of it or organise a bus back 🙂

Garmin stats (include sitting around at the start and end, so around 2:53 moving time @ 19.9mph for the actual reliability run):

Reliability Season 2018 Round 2 – Kennoway

Possibly the best weather I’ve ridden this one 🙂
The lack of the usual howling gale seemed to keep the pace sensible at the start, still not hanging about, but not the usual frenetic sprint along to St Andrews. The bunch pretty much stuck together all the way to St Andrews, then out past Guardbridge. Glad the now familiar (and my opinion far better) Tayport Byapss was the route going to Balmullo – St Michael’s and the back road to Wormit rather than negotiating through Tayport and Newport main streets.
The rise to Gauldry is the traditional spot where the cracks start and this year was no different with 8 getting away on the sharp climb and drag out to the Grange descent. I’m sure the surface of this will be good practice for the Roubaix cobbles in April! The rolling road to Cupar is where the next attack was made and 3 got away leaving 4 of us trying to close the 20 second gap as we hit the bottom of the Hill of Tarvit. It was all I could do to hang at the back on the climb and the drag back towards Kennoway and have my 3 companions to thank for dragging me along. Got a bit of a second wind in the run in and was able to contribute as we sped back to the finish. A good run out and thanks to the other guys for sticking together.

There seemed to be even more food than usual back at the hall, all excellent as we carb loaded to recover 🙂 The rest of The Wheelers all made it back in good time and another good run under the belts.

Thanks to Kennoway Club for hosting us and the army of helpers that made the event go very well.

Reliability Season 2018 Round 1 – Fife Century

Definitely comes round quicker every year – yes it’s the early season Reliability Rides (also known as people who race trying to pretend they aren’t racing 🙂 ).
First off is the Fife Century run on Feb 11th. It was a very cold morning, with ice patches on the main roads, so no surprise that the route was changed to avoid the worst of the conditions. Numbers seemed down, but the arrival of Team Spokes en masse swelled the numbers of the fast group to around 25. Off we went on the A92 from Freuchie to Parbroath and then down to Newburgh. Pace was tempo rather than full gas and even managed to chat at one point! All that changed as we hit the climb of the day at Glenfarg where the decision seemed to be to ride uphill faster than we had been riding on the flat. This had the unsurprising effect of splitting the bunch as the climb dragged on longer than I remembered. I was in no mans land, solo. I pressed on as best I could as now had a tailwind as we headed back along the main road toward Strathmiglo. It was here that with the help of the cars managed to get back to the bunch. Back to Melville Lodges and then Cupar and a left turn for the drag back toward Parbroath where we lost a few riders. It was through and off time back to Melville Lodges for the 3rd time -I could barely make out 28mph on my Garmin through the tears. My legs were shot and it was all I could do to cling on at the back. The final stretch back to Strathmiglo and then the sprint back to Falkland finished me off. The run was just a shade under the 60 miles in 2:45 at about a 21.5mph moving average so a bit quicker than my usual Sunday Club Run! It’s all worth it for the buffet though and this year didn’t disappoint 🙂 Note that there are rides and groups to suit all, you don’t have to be in the fast group, so I’d recommend it for everyone.