Ride It Callander Sportive 2017

After years of looking, we found the worst “road” in Scotland!

There were 8 Wheelers signed on for the Saturday version of the Evans Ride It Callander Sportive on a fine, chilly morning. Seemed slow to get registered, but eventually we rolled away at 9am with the plan to be social and stick together.

So we spun round as you loop around Thornhill from various angles. A first for me, we even stopped at the first feed station, more of a “comfort” break, but would have been rude not to have a tray bake or two 🙂

It’s around the 35 mile mark at Cambusbarron that the really lumpy bits start and the really rough sections start coming thick and fast. Unfortunately Kenny got a p*ncture, though not a surprise, the surprise was he was the only one!  After some more lumps and bumps, Kenny and Ian S decided we should leave them and so the 6 of us headed off to Carron Valley. It was a bit of a lottery here, some surfaces were velvet smooth, then for no rhyme or reason that stopped and were followed by god awful rough sections.

There were a couple of added tweaks to the route from previous years, I assume to get the mileage up to 85 miles and the highlight was the track after Fintry. This was the worst surface I have ever tried to cycle on, a cross bike / mountain bike would have been more appropriate. Thankfully everyone was being sensible, would have been carnage in a bunch trying to go at pace. You had to carefully pick your way through holes and gravel to try and find a safe way through it. Kenny p*ncturted here too, again the real surprise he was the only one of us! I think they may have taken this section out of the Sunday run, which would be a very sensible decision.

After the climb to the Top of The World it’s a descent and flattish run to Aberfoyle. We stopped to fill up bottles (and some more tray bakes) before the climb up Dukes Pass and the blast to the bottom to regroup.

The last 8 miles after Dukes we upped the pace a wee bit and lost Brian and John C as we blasted back to the sports hall and the finish.

After a quick shower, it was time for food, but as the poor soul serving had been up early, they stopped taking food orders, thankfully just after I had got mine, but unlucky for Gill, John and Graeme 🙁

I have done this run a few times now, and the roads aren’t getting any better. The goodie bag (well bottle) before and after are good and it is well organised and a spectacular route, just those roads that spoil it.

They run the same event the next day and Yorshire Rob and Brodie were doing it then (if anyone else was let me know).

The results for the 86 miles and 5,500 feet of lumps were (including p*ncture and feed stops):

Gill P – 5:34
Graeme D – 5:34
Ciaran H – 5:34
Graeme C – 5:34
Brian B – 5:35
John C – 5:37

Kenny and Ian S took a wee shortcut, but still around the 74 miles for them in around 5.5hrs.

On Sunday the times were:

Brodie – 5:00
Yorkshire Rob – 5:03

The route etc, from my Garmin –



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