Run Report 22nd Sept

In the absence of our own GC I thought I should mark the day. Fantastic run. A very cold start saw Lionel stamping his feet for warmth as is his wont. But the sunshine was brilliant. For me a quick beginning up to Muirhead and as usual just hanging in. Then off to Alyth for the Hill o’ 3 Cairns. These lads are so bloomin fit and strong. Very little wind where I was at the back. We got to the foot of the hill where I was immediately dropped but they waited at the top for me. But the top was amazing …. with fantastic air, colours and clear as a bell.

Then down the hill and back to Blair. As we went, the guys ramped up the speed and it was exhilarating hanging onto the wheels as we wound up to 35 to 40 mph. This is as good as sport gets for me which is very good.

As ever I didnt stop ….. would never start again . Just a fabulous run on a Saturday morning.

2 thoughts on “Run Report 22nd Sept

  1. Great to read run reports, sorry to read poor turn outs possibly due to racing paces, not noticed any race results from those on runs.

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  2. In my enthusiasm for the day I overegged the speed, Jim. Also with “Bob’s run” there must have been 14 to 16 out on the day which is a fair turnout. Would it be possible to post “Bob’s run” leaving from the Milennium Hall. . It is a bit easier and the craic is great.

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