Highland Perthshire Challenge 2018

Nice to have an event close to home, starting at Scone Airport. Weather was pretty good too, dry with a bit of a strong breeze.

All the organisation was very good, sign on, marshals and good signs on the route and some food and drink at the end. Considering it is for charity then happy to have the money go to the charity and not on goody bags, t-shirts or anything like that. This is part of a series of 3 events for the Malawi Fruits Charity and this event raised more than £8,000, so some fun and for a good cause.

The 4 Wheelers (Ciaran, Ally, Andy A and Graeme C) set off, keeping it pretty sensible and not pushing too hard as 100 miles to go!  A wee group of 6-7 formed and we worked away well. Unfortunately after 14 miles at Murthly Andy punctured. Did we stop and help. No. Are we crap team mates. Yes. I’m sure it was what he would have wanted 😉

Route went out the middle road to Birnam, then under the A9 on the cycle path which was interesting (CX training!). Then the drag up and over Loch Na Craige and the descent to Aberfeldy where we stopped for some water. Joined up with a few others to head to Logierait, Pitlochry and over the Moulin Moors. We split up on the climb but got back together on the descent. It was now I got cramp! With a loud cry I pulled over and let the group pass. Thanks to one of the group who pulled up with me, once the cramp had reduced he paced me back to the group just as we hit the rise out of Kirkmichael. I just about made it over without too much cramping and the group of 6-7 of us set off to catch up with Ciaran as we got to Bridge of Cally. My legs were just about working as long as we didn’t push too hard, but the twinges were always there to remind me to keep it sensible! Ally stopped for more water and we pushed on.

The route then heads to Blairgowrie and out over the Iron Bridge road and round to Kettins. The final sting is the climb at Collace up to the quarry before dropping to Balbeggie and back to the airport.

A really nice route, not too hard but a good challenge, some lumps but nothing too severe.

I did hear that there was a bad accident on the A9 and traffic was being re-routed on to the course which caused some issues for later riders. As the organisers said – any inconvenience is a bit irrelevant alongside what was a tragedy for someone and their families.

Results were:

Ciaran Hannon – 4:59
Graeme Carruthers – 4:59
Ally Mills – 5:13

Fiona Davidson did the the 50 mile route (with Alan D) with a time of 2:36 for 3rd fastest on the day for that route!

Here is my Garmin details, including a few laps of the car park as my OCD got the better of me and had to round it up to 100 miles 🙂

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