Poppy Scotland 2018

It was that sociable we even stopped for coffee.

It was a rude start to the day with a very early alarm call and on the road for 5:30am! There were around 20 Wheelers signed up to do this lumpy event from Prestonpans in support of the Poppy Scotland charity. Some were doing the medium 66 mile route, 16 of us lined up at 7:30am for the 100 and off we went.

The initial run out was flattish with nice views of the Forth on quite good roads and then some lumps started. After about 25-30 miles we decided to split into 2 groups with 10 of us setting off and 6 in a group just behind, just like a Saturday Club Run 🙂

We kept a fairly social pace, regrouping on any climbs and rolled along well, but the wind was getting up! After 57 miles we stopped at the feed station, which was inside a nice looking new build school. I very rarely stop when doing events so was a bit twitchy, even more so when everyone decided to get a coffee and have a seat and a blether! This being sociable takes some getting used to 🙂 We were then joined by 3 of the other 6 group (Gill P, Graeme D, Ian S) with the other 3 electing to do the medium route.

We set off as 13 now and immediately hit hills, lots of hills, with lots of howling headwind! Ian S told us to go on without him, and Graeme D stayed to keep him company as the now 11 of us slogged our way round. It was tough going. It was however, beautiful scenery, dry and bright, good roads (mainly) and very very little traffic – so not all bad.

After descending to Gifford, there is a final longish drag before mainly downhill and flat run in, we even had a tailwind for the last 2 miles. All back safely we got a very nice commemorative medal followed by coffee and toast.

A very well run event, great challenging route, well signposted and marshalled, would recommend it.

Our official time was 7:27, so not troubling the podium, but a good club run. The 11 of us who stuck together have the same time of 7:27 – Graeme C, Helen W, Cheryl W, Abigail C, Gus G, Dave P, Gill P, Ralph C, Stephen McM, Len J, Davie R

Graeme Davidson supported Ian Stewart round for a time of 7:59

The times for the 66 miles were –
Andrea, Brian B, Ian A  – 4:50
Kenny F – 5:33
Jim B, Gary K , Stephen K  – 6:46

Special mentions to Abigail on her first century ride and welcome back Gary Kilcullen (you could have picked an easier ride for it!).

Garmin stats below, 100 miles, 7,900 feet of climbing and moving time of 6:30:

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