Boxing Day 10TT 2013 – Results

It was a lovely morning as the participants, helpers and spectators gathered at Templeton Woods for the traditional post Christmas shock to the system! Thanks to Iain and Bill for timekeeping, Bob and Ian for marshalling and Donny for pushing off and everyone else who made it along. Is it too early to apply for a marshalling / timekeeping job for next year, anything so I don’t have to ride it 🙂

Gathering for the start

And they’re off

David and Ian Simpson were on the course taking photos so hopefully see the full Race Face poses soon.

Well done to Barry for taking 1st place, here’s the results:

Position Name Club Time
1 Barry Wilson Dundee Thistle 30:23
2 Phil Brown 30:44
3 Brian Sproul Dundee Thistle 31:21
4 Colin Scott Dundee Wheelers 32:29
5 Fergus Dargie Dundee Wheelers 32:37
6 Steve & Sandra Nutley (tandem) SWC 33:38
7 Derek Clark 33:46
8 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle 33:48
9 Graeme Carruthers Dundee Wheelers 34:24
10 Scott McCord Dundee Wheelers 34:29
11 Andrew Bell 34:31
12 Jerry Toy Dundee Wheelers 35:01
13 Martin Lawson Dundee Thistle 35:10
14 Caig Dickie 35:14
15 Peem Brewster Dundee Wheelers 35:20
16 Doug Wilson Dundee Thistle 36:04
17 Davie Ross Dundee Wheelers 36:07
18 Jim Petrie Dundee Wheelers 37:31
19 Kate Russell Dundee Thistle 38:18
20 Lionel Wylie Dundee Thistle 38:58
21 Frankie Dailly Dundee Wheelers 39:02

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