Run Report Sept 15

A lovely bright morning, if just a tad breezy, as 7 of us head out from the Gates (Ian A, Jerry, Jim F, John O, Graeme C, Neil Y and Lionel). Jim had his helmet cam with him so the events were captured for posterity. Lionel headed off early leaving the 6 of us rolling along well with everyone behaving themselves. Passed Donny, Bob and Frankie who were en route to Forfar. They must have been motoring well as after we headed off to find some rolling roads they beat us to the cafe and that was after we were drilling it for the last 5 miles to the cafe as John had a toilet emergency 🙂 Then a couple of minutes later Dave McCallum joined us for cake. Could be the last time it’s nice enought to sit outside this year, hope not?

Suitably refreshed, Donny, Bob and Frankie headed off one way leaving the 7 of us to take the usual route back to Newtyle into a strong wind. We picked up Joe just before Glamis and it was a welcome tailwind from Newtyle to home.

Here’s the route from my Garmin:



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